1. I went to Portland. 

  2. At the Cherry Blossom Festival standing in the middle of Constitution Ave. during the parade.

  3. A shot from The GoPro of Saturday visit to the Washington DC Cherry Blossoms.

  4. Picture with the baton twirler for Morgantown WV Mohican. #mascot #notyourmascot #wow

  5. #changethename #changethemascot #notyourmascot

    In between performances, I paint. This is a mural I design and produced this weekend in the heart of Washington DC. The dialog happening around the mascot issue is ongoing, and often times repetitive and exhausting. The thing I love about art is the commentary mixes it up nicely by offering perspective not seen in the mass media rhetoric concerning the issue. You can’t buy us off. You can’t tell us we don’t matter, no matter how nicely you dress it up. You can’t dismiss the history of our people and the way America has considered us, treated us, and continues to dismisses us. Your efforts to eradicate Indigenous people has failed, and we will forever be a thorn in the side of those unwilling to yield to Indigenous people’s place in the world and on this continent. There are bigger issues in Indian Country, but few issues illustrate so publicly the inept relationship America has with Indian Country. If it’s such a small issue, then change it. If you want to truly honor us, honor us by changing the name, and taking Indigenous mascots out of the mix. Commodify yourselves, your own history, your own culture. Respect Indigenous people, Indigenous culture, Indigenous language, Indigenous traditions, Indigenous identity and Indigenous opinion. #changethename we are #notyourmascot.

    (photo by Dakota Fine)

  7. Taken last year at Media Rise’s pitch night event. I was presenting this concept in it’s infancy. (photo by Dakota Fine)

  8. Surreal to see my ugly mug in print! Not a cover story (it was suppose to be), but still so humbling to have it there. My performance art is in the Washington Post! Woot, woot!


  9. Washington Post Article

    For the last several months I have known this article wold be coming out of the Washington Post. The process of doing a piece like this is pretty significant. Months of spending time with the reporter who is watching, observing, asking questions, putting a recorder in my face to get quotes and explanations to what I’m doing, and how it makes me feel. The complexity of the performance art piece you see here, The Last American Indian On Earth, is difficult to explain, and Kris Coronado captured it nicely. The online version of this went up today, and you can check it out on the link below. The print version will be included in the Sunday Edition of the Washington Post Magazine, which is part of the monstrous Washington Post Sunday paper.

    If you are visiting for the first time as a result of this article in the WaPo, you can see the working movie trailer below, and see my visual art and other projects on my artist site greggdeal.com.

    ‘Last American Indian’ finds challenges in performance art


  10. First Trailer for my performance art piece The Last American Indian On Earth. All this in honor of the Washington Post article coming out this weekend concerning this piece, and the bits of activism I’ve been working on. Check it!!

  11. Pestering the photographer I’ve been working with on this project Dakota Fine, I managed to get him to send me a few images that I’ve not seen yet. I’ll post them over the next few days, but this one is my favorite in the 4 he sent. I love this image because it illustrates the isolation that is sometimes associated with doing this piece, even in a public place. Meanwhile, New Yorkers can’t be bothered with any of it. LOL! Fantastic! (Photo by Dakota Fine)

  12. Modern day Calvary is looking pretty weak. (Photo by Dakota Fine)

  13. Over here on the East Coast, we’re getting a little snow and everyone is freaking out. Last minute this evening, my wife and I decided to get some images I like to call “Noble Savage”. They are decidedly stereotypical, embodying what everyone thinks an Indian man in a headdress should look like: pensive, thoughtful, stoic, in the middle of a winter vision quest.

  14. reclaimingthenativetag:

    In the past months there has been a common rally around cultural appropriation throughout social media outlets. Greg Deal’s attempt to assert stereotypes by playing into them and throwing them back at the people who buy into it is a precarious game of dress up. It is important to consider that he is a native man but not of the culture he chooses to appropriate. That being said, there is a need to address the statement this photo communicates. The message is a mere projection of Deal’s internalized colonization at best and a critical means for social justice at worst. If his objective is to stir dialogue about stereotypes he needs to thoroughly consider the negligence and disrespectful nature of this message and the implications they have on his native female audience. The slightest understanding of life prior to colonization affirms that native communities were not structured on the basis of hierarchy, oppression or patriarchy. Despite the fact that native societies held women in high regards does not stop women from being abused and violated now. Since colonization the oppression against women has resulted in hazardous social conditions for them. The statement, Bitch I Might Be is a derogatory dissemination of masculine conquest that maintains the dominance of the unhealthy reality concerning the relationship between men and women. This is a cheap expression of “social change” that does nothing to advance the movement to break the barriers. I ask you to take a moment to truly reflect on your position as an artist and as a catalyst for change. Is this what the survival of our nations and declaration of our collective indigenous existence in the present day looks like? The painted black hand over the mouth is not enough to convey the extensive lack of respectful proliferation. 

    I have to be honest here, this really really pisses me off. They spelled my name wrong.

  15. Today wasn’t so much a performance day so much as a photo shoot. Specifically a shoot for a story with a major publication about my performance piece The Last American Indian On Earth (and probably some other stuff). #nofilter #iphone #photo #iphonephoto